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sometime in 2001 (does this post make any sense to anyone?) - Moodspring

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November 4th, 2010

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03:11 am - sometime in 2001 (does this post make any sense to anyone?)
I imagined calling his dad and his dad telling me that he was dead. I cried and cried in my bed as if it had actually happened. What kind of a mid-life crisis is this? Perhaps it is a mourning for the beginning of the end of idealism. So long white knight, a damsel who is not in distress does not need a person like you. The white knight has to come from inside of me from now on. So, it seems, if I understand anything about how life works, since I am the recovering damsel in distress, I will be attracting the recovering white knight. That would be four personalities interacting.
White Knight, meet Damsel in Distress: "Hellooo," --click, violins--
White Knight, meet Damsel Who Does Not Need to be Rescued: "Hello, um, hark do I hear a distress call in the distance, excuse me for eternity."
White Knight Who is Saving Himself meet Damsel in Distress: "Oh no, not again" --sign of the cross-- "How can I save myself with all these temptations. I need someone who is together so I can save some energy for myself."
Damsel in Distress meet White Knight: "Ah my hero, my saviour, at last someone worthy of me, someone larger than life."
Damsel in Distress meet White Knight Who Refuses to Save You Because He is Saving Himself: "Selfish man, not worthy of a hero. If he has problems of his own, then he is not larger than life."
Damsel Who Does Not Need to Be Rescued meet White Knight Who Needs to Save You: "How insulting. I can take care of myself. Don't make me feel like a baby."
Damsel Who Does Not Need to Be Saved, meet White Knight Who Is Saving Himself: "Yes, let us ride our steeds out of the muck and charge towards the battlegrounds together, strength in numbers. All for one and one for all."
Stay tuned for Part II, when the four are joined in holy quatrimony (This did happen in 2006). Will they survive? Will two divorce? Will four? Will two die? Will all? Will they somehow all become influenced by each other, growing into one personality? Eeee. ugly? Hmmm. Still all very ideal. "All for one and one for all." The four musketeers who are always remembered as only three. Aha. In marriage there is the husband, the wife, and the union. I see. Meet halfway. Save yourself and help save the other. Allow self to be helped in saving onself and do best to save oneself.

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Date:June 9th, 2012 05:07 pm (UTC)
I once knew a white knight, whose metric for justice could only come from within. Of course, this became frustrating when he would impose his chivalry on the rest of the world and assume his particular brand of boy scout propriety applied to all situations involving others, their notions be damned. I called him the White Knight Supremacy.

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