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December 16th, 2006

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01:35 am - so many grand things waiting to be furthered
I started translating a book of french short stories (I never remember when the language name should be capitalized but I think if it is used as an adjective, it shouldn't). I'm not normally into short stories because just when I get drawn in and actually start caring about the characters, they end, or otherwise, they aren't long enough to develop sufficiently round characters to engage my sympathy-except for Martian Chronicles which really reads more like a book than a series of short stories because it is all in the same world about the same races, Martians and humans - but I am really into this one Québecois book of short stories because it does have a very clear unifying theme which is also an inspiring one about how "The arts uphold our souls against stupidity ... they transform life. Seek the artist in yourself and the art in everything". Yes, that's the kind of thing I love to translate....but I have only gotten two pages or so into my translation, ahem.. and other things like dance have gotten in the way. That's one reason I don't blog much either.. too many things.. especially languages and dance that I MUST do in order to feel SANE. But I don't just like translating inspiring books I also like to translate for peace organizations like the Nonviolent Peaceforce (sounds a bit redundant to me but to some it is a surprisingly novel concept) although lately I have missed the opportunity to help them because of the time zone difference. They are situated in London, so it is hard to do anything last minute for them.
What in the near future?.. more partner dance choreographies including fire partner dancing, learning to fire hoop, learning to dance on aerial silks (yes, I will likes the new buff Diane, yes my preciousss), and maybe some aikido...

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Date:December 19th, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC)

yikes, that last attempt was rough on the eyes.

Hmm, actually, I think that's one of the great inanities of English as a language. "French" is PROPER and as such (I'm fairly sure), no matter the reference or context, is always capitalized. It's one of the more annoying anthrocentric properties of the language. I can think of all manner of examples wherein it's not applied, mostly in advertizing where a capitalized word in the middle of, say, chocolate French silk pie would look less innocuous than the distributors would want, but I don't think it's a codified thing.

Life getting in the way of ritual... good. Blogging especially is non-essential. We miss you when you're away, but I always trust you're doing something more life-affirming anyway. And in any event, what are you missing out on in this arena of the internet aside from a great deal of posterity? A shame, really. The people with the most living to do rarely have time to chronicle it in web public proper, but it would seem to be for the better.

Funny, one of my friends I've known online for the better part of five years, (more like six or seven now, honestly) considers me to have an active social life whereas I do not feel the same about myself. Perhaps it only appears this way to him because I try to find something notable in every social excursion I make, so the internet hears just about everything there is of my social life when I spend a great amount of time upon it. It's an odd disparity between appearances and more appearances.
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Date:December 20th, 2006 07:56 pm (UTC)
thanks. I'll comment on this later. J'ai fini ton CD (je vais faire plusieurs copies et je les utiliserai pour mes étudiants. Alors, je suis en train de transcrire les paroles en français et en anglais). Quand j'aurai fini, je vous enverrai le CD et les paroles.

if you check the latest frenchwordaday post you'll see the lyrics (french and english) to one of the songs on your CD

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Date:December 21st, 2006 05:49 pm (UTC)
C'est bien. Je vais l'aimer, je parie. J'aime écouter à musique et chanter les lyriques. Pour français, ce peut-être faire un rapport avec les rythmes de la langue. Est-ce que tu aime la bande Les Rythmes Digitales, en chance?

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